The City Council Finance Committee votes on the
Chinatown B.I.D. this 
Sept. 21st 2011 !!!

YOU can influence that vote by
downloading, signing and EMAILING any of the following 
letters, while adding your own comments
to each, or all of the letters we have
provided BEFORE Sept. 21 2011.

Simply click on each letter title below to 
download the letter, then copy and paste,
and sign the letter and email it to EACH 
of the members of the Finance Committee
to let them know you OBJECT to the 
Chinatown B.I.D.

No - BID letter (it's not in the best interest of the public) Click Here

No - BID letter (BID will cause small business casualties) click here

Please be sure to email us your contact information.
The Property Tax Payer's Corp. has been formed,
and we're accepting membership applications.
Please call : 212-226-8400
Stephen Cheung, President

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