Facts you need to know

Wellington Chen, exec. dir. of The Chinatown Partnership Local Development Corp. , and david j. louie, chairman of the chinese chamber of commerce want a chinatown business improvement district, and they want it now.

they've already selected the b.i.d. steering committee , if you are unaware of who they are, and when it happened don't be surprised, the selections were made behind closed doors.  

In 2005 The chinatown "partnership" L.D.C. selected its own board of directors in private.

from Downtown Express 2005  - 

"The board is comprised of people in commerce, business, planning, human resources, the arts, advertising and finance. They were chosen by the AAFE following an application process and each had to prove his ability to raise 10,000 annually for the L.D.C., said Weber.".........

"Few were aware of the partnership because the Rebuild Chinatown Initiative took pains to keep the L.D.C. under wraps until a board was selected. "
Downtown Express

business owners and tenants in chinatown were not notified that their neighborhood will be run by people they do not know, people they didn't vote for, people who don't live in chinatown.

business owners were never shown a ballot, or even notified that a b.i.d. steering committee was in the process of being selected - therefore virtually all potential business owners were locked out of the process of being a member of a group supposedly designed to "improve business". this is a farce.

so who is on the Chinatown b.i.d. steering committee?

they are: bankers, real estate developers, lawyers, professional non-profit bureaucrats, and professional lobbyists. the so-called token "business owners" on the steering committee each have incomes of $500,000.00 to $1ml.+ annually and hardly represent the majority of small business in chinatown.

they appointed themselves to run chinatown , to make changes to the streets, the storefronts, the way business is conducted, and even whether or not anyone can drive in chinatown- you cannot remove them no matter what you do as a resident or businessperson in or outside of chinatown.

the map that has been drawn outlining the b.i.d. proposed boundary includes columbus park. the park is maintained by the nyc parks department - why is it included then in the b.i.d. ? 

it's in there so the b.i.d. can privatize the park and its landmarked stone PAVILION - just like the union square successfully did with its remarkably similar landmarked stone PAVILION which sadly will become a restaurant to profit the executive director of the union square bid. 

are you prepared to lose the historic park pavilion in columbus park to become a private restaurant - this can happen once a chinatown b.i.d. is formed. they did it in union square park - and the city allowed it to happen.

From cornell university

" BIDs privatize public space by excluding those that detract from the commercial goals of the BID members.

BIDs may limit citizen voice by privatizing public space within a district. Public streets, parks and plazas serve the dual role of attracting shoppers and providing a 'living room' in which the daily activities of the city's public life are carried out. The 'clean and safe' programs that BIDs initiate to attract consumers can limit citizen voice and dislocate less desirable citizens through the privatization of public space. In some instances, allegations have been made that these programs involve the removal of the homeless and unauthorized vendors."

"A BID's influence within a district may co-opt local government authority.

In establishing a BID, New York State law requires approval of the borough president, city planning commission, city council and state comptroller. Once a BID is formed, however, no review of BID activities is required nor is approval needed to initiate any specific programs or improvements. Further, since property owners are guaranteed the majority, municipal governments may be unable to exert control over BID activities. "

" BIDs are sometimes realized due to lack of informed opposition rather than majority approval.

The burden of responsibility for preventing the formation of a BID falls on the objectors rather than its supporters. In order to prevent the formation of a BID, 51 percent of property owners must file an objection with the city clerk. Dissent is further constrained by limiting judicial review to thirty days. Furthermore, once a BID has been established, non-consenting property owners are mandated to pay assessments. " - "Restructuring Local Government" - Cornell Univ.2002  by Mildred Warner, James Quazi, Brooks More, Ezra Cattan, Scott Bellen and Kerim Odekon

Financial information:

Executive Dir. Wellington Chen annual Salary : $132,000.00 tHAT'S OVER a half million dollars public funds taken SINCE HE CAME TO CHINATOWN in 2005

2009 = $147817.00

2008 = $132215.00

2007 = $129810.00

1/2 2006 = $68513.00

additional = $19374.00

total take: $478355.00 in 3.5 years

that's all public money - your money.

While it is widely reported that 1/5 of nyc's Asian americans live below the poverty line wellington chen used 9/11 to take $500,000.00 out of chinatown to line his own pockets. and he has no intention of stopping now.

The Chinatown partnership LDC has said that "chinatown is at a fork in the road, and one leads to a B.I.D the other leads to 'dirty smelly chinatown of the past'"  Nothing can be further from the truth!

Chinatown has alternatives and we are here to provide that information to you!

What can you do to stop the Chinatown B.I.D. ?
Property owners must OBJECT to the Chinatown BID by submitting an official form. The objection form must be notarized and accompanied by a deed for each property. One property, one deed. Each owner must submit an objection form for EACH property he owns. 

include some reasons why you do not want a Chinatown BID.

call (Chinese and English language) 718-961- 1272
Stephen Cheung

call Jan Lee (English) 917-710-7503
The Coalition Against The Chinatown BID

Coalition Against the Chinatown B.I.D.

81 Division Street 
NYC NY 10002

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