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<b>ALONG THE ROUTE</b> | Shopping along Pell Street.<br><br><small>Photograph by Shane Yamane</small>

Pell Street , Chinatown , NYC 10013

The Coalition Against the Chinatown B.I.D. , founded by property owners and business in Chinatown in 2001, is dedicated to serving our community by providing a voice for those who seek transparency and accountability from anyone wishing to form a Business Improvement District in Chinatown. 

We strive to provide answers to the questions that the Chinatown Partnership LDC will not answer, like "how much does the Exec. Director make in a year?"  or "What does it cost to clean a street in Chinatown?", "Where did $7.2 million dollars of public funds go?" "Who created the proposed BID boundary and why is it so damn BIG?" "Why is SoHo in a Chinatown BID?"

We were successful in defeating an attempt to create a B.I.D. in 2001-2, one which Community Board 3 said was guilty of "misrepresentation and obfuscation".

Our membership is growing at a steady pace, mostly recently with the addition of the SoHo alliance, who recently blasted the Chinatown Partnership LDC for including SoHo in their BID map without consultation , or any previous services provided. In addition, major property owners in the SoHo area have also joined the coalition to ensure that the CPLDC has no chance of forming a BID.

Please inquire today about how you can volunteer. We are always looking for property owners and business owners in particular, but residents are also welcome. email

Make a difference, volunteer today!

EXPLORE the alternatives to a BID that will benefit communities throughout Lower Manhattan


The Coalition Against the Chinatown BID
81 division Street
NYC NY 10002


fax us at: 212-732-4526

press inquiries welcome.

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